Fix Slow Performance in Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome web browser and if you are facing slow performance issues, this tutorial will definitely help you.

Recently Google updated its web browser Chrome to version 36 and many people who upgraded their web browser, started facing various problems such as following:

  • Chrome is running very slow
  • Websites are loading at sluggish speed
  • Keyboard lag while typing in textboxes
  • Glitches in scrolling in webpages
  • Tabs are not opening, just showing “Loading…” text in titles
  • Overall performance issues

Many Chrome users reported that the browser was running very slow for them and many websites were loading at sluggish speed. Also many people reported that when they open new links in background using Ctrl+Click shortcut, the tabs don’t start opening the websites. All tabs just show “Loading…” term in their titles until users manually go to each tab and make it active. Once the user clicks on an inactive tab, it starts opening website properly.

Some Chrome users have also reported that they are having many lags and glitches while typing or scrolling in webpages.

So basically many Chrome users have faced poor performance issues in Google Chrome new version. We found that a single solution can fix all these performance related issues in Chrome.

The culprit behind all these problems in Google Chrome is “Hardware Acceleration” feature. When this feature is enabled, it may cause such kind of performance issues in many computer systems whether they are running Windows or Linux operating system.

If you are also facing similar performance issues in Chrome and want to speed up your web browser, check out following simple steps to fix these problems:

1. Open Google Chrome web browser and click on Control button -> Settings option. Alternatively, you can directly open the Settings page by typing chrome://settings/ in Chrome address bar.

2. It’ll open Chrome Settings page. Scroll down to bottom and click on “Show advanced settings…” link.

3. Again scroll down to bottom and you’ll see “Use hardware acceleration when available” option present under “System” section. Uncheck the option and restart Chrome.


That’s it. Upon restart Chrome should run smoothly without any problem and you should not face any typing or scrolling problems in websites.