CES 2015 Preview

CES 2015 Preview

There’s one place where startups and tech giants alike go to show the world their latest gadgets and innovations. That place is the international Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which will run from Jan 6. through Jan. 9.

Here are some of the things you can expect to see and hear about in the upcoming week.

TVs: Each year there seems to be a new type of TV technology. This year Quantum Dot TVs will lead headlines. Consumers can expect to see new Quantum Dot TVs from LG and TCL and more 4K TVs to make an appearance at this year’s CES. 4K TVs have been around for a while, but consumers just don’t seem to be that interested considering how expensive they are and the lack of content available in 4K. Hopes are that this year companies present more affordable 4K TVs that feature more content.

VR: Virtually reality has been present at CES for two years now. This year it will come back stronger than before. Consumers can expect to see updated versions of VR headsets like Avengant’s Glyph and the final version of Virtuix Omni. Virtual reality became very popular thanks to Oculus VR, which is said to release the consumer version of the Oculus Rift later in 2015.

Computers: The way PCs are presented has really changed. This year the computers that are expected to amaze consumers are 2-in-1 laptops and all-in-one desktops. The PC industry in 2015 is all about the convertible hybrids. Processors will also be the talk of the town with Intel’s new Broadwell processor, which offers significant graphic and power improvements. A third thing to look out for is 4K computer screens and curved TV screens that enhance visuals.

Cameras: Cameras aren’t very popular at CES due to other shows that focus just on cameras, but this year Kodak will probably create some buzz when it presents its new photo-centric smartphone. As far as DSLRs and camcorders, consumers can expect maybe one or two announcements. However, drone cameras will be generating a lot of buzz. Drones were very popular in 2014 and the hype will definitely crossover to 2015. GoPro is expected to release a consumer drone with its HD camera. Maybe there’ll be an announcement at CES.

Music Players: If you thought MP3s were dead, think again because you’ll definitely see them at CES 2015. Sony recently released a new Walkman and Neil Young will soon release the Pono Player, a music player that promises “the best sound anyone can get.” Other music player companies are also said to make an appereance.

Wearables: Tech has a bright future in fashion and fitness wearables. We’ve already seen companies like Opening Ceremony team up with Intel to release smart bracelets. This year wearables will be huge at CES. Smart watches and fitness trackers will definitely be present, but of course, Apple won’t be at CES with the anticipated Apple Watch.

Tablets: It’s still unclear as to what major companies will release new tablets, but Acer will definitely not be one of them. Acer is the only company who confirmed that no new devices are on the way. Sony and Samsung unveiling new tablets is possible, but not probable. However, several other companies like HP, Lenovo and Toshiba may unveil new Windows tablets. Consumers can expect cheap $100 tablets from smaller companies like Polaroid and E-Fun.

Cars: Self-driving cars announcements and demonstrations will come back to the CES show floor this year. Additionally, consumers can expect more demonstrations of CarPlay and Android Auto in newer car models. Maybe we’ll also see new innovative technology like Tesla’s robotic car-charging metal snakes.

Smartphones: Last, but not least, there will be a plethora of smartphones at CES 2015. Here’s a smaller list of some of the smartphones to be unveiled at CES 2015.

  • ASUS – There have been a lot of 2015 CES teaser announcements from Asus that hint the release of a new ZenFone. The teaser shows a phone with dual cameras and “optical zoom.”
  • KodakPalm is not the only one making a 20th century comeback. As it was mentioned previously, Kodak’s new phone will focus in “image capture, management and sharing features.”
  • LG – There has been a lot of buzz about LG probably announcing the G Flex 2, which will be an upgrade from the curved screen and self-healing technologies the first G Flex has.
  • Sony – Sony has also released a teaser trailer for a new phone, but it’s unclear as to which one. Speculations are it will be the Xperia Z3.
source: nydailynews.com